Wow, you really want to know more than my headshot and resume?
It's always great to meet people who take an interest in other human beings--we should talk.

Coming from the colorful SF Bay Area, I have a passion for playing eccentric characters like the ones I grew up around which has led to the bookings of some exciting stuff lately... I recently shot a pilot for the showrunner Jay Silverman (The Cleaner) as an angsty punk stylist in a series recurring role and worked opposite the fabulous Eric Roberts on my favorite web series obSETHed.

I am currently a member of We Make Movies, a wonderful film collective community where I have read for countless independent filmmakers and filmed sketches at YouTube Space LA. Fueled by acting, I also produce original and edgy spoof shorts and web serials. The shorts have earned industry recognition at the Broad Humor Film Festival and the series French is Super! has over 100 thousand hits from across the world, granting me eligibility for the elite YouTube Partnership Program.

I've been featured in Backstage West, several times in Hollywood casting director Bonnie Gillespie's column The Actors Voice on Showfax and in her book Self-Management for Actors.

The other half of my life is devoted to civil, animal and environmental causes: supporting equal rights legislation, sharing the joy of vegan food, and walking in LA (*gasp*). I see acting as another way of saving the planet.